River, Delta and Coastal Morphology Division
The Morphology Division is responsible for morphological prediction using GIS and RS techniques, as well as participates in all EIA and SIA studies in the water sector projects to assess impacts on river morphology; and is involved in monitoring the environmental impacts of large water sector projects. This Division is comprised of well-qualified morphologists, who have developed a unique method of studying morphological processes using remote sensing and GIS technology. The key activities of this Division includes prediction and monitoring of morphological changes and bank erosion; vulnerability assessment; morphological and planform analysis, etc.
  • Development and enhancement of River Erosion Prediction Model

  • Dissemination of River Erosion Prediction

  • Morphological analysis

  • Training

  • River Erosion Prediction Model

Projects under this division
Important Events

CEGIS has celebrated its Annual Picnic 2016 on 8 January 2016 at Seagull Resort, Mawna, Gazipur.