Water Resources Management Division
The WRMD is a dynamic division consisting of multidisciplinary skilled professionals of engineers, planners, and scientists. The professionals have advanced knowledge in hydrology, river dynamics, riverine ecosystem, coastal ecology, ground water hydrology, urban hydrology, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). The professionals are capable of conducting water modeling, water resources assessment, water resources planning and management, hydrological and water quality data monitoring and analysis which immensely contribute to different macro and micro level planning of various projects including water resources management projects in particular.
  • Feasibility Study of Water Resources Projects

  • Water Management Planning

  • IWRM formulation

  • Social Integration of Water Management

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Water Resources Projects

  • Training.

  • Water Resources Estimation Models

  • IWRM Framework

  • EIA Models

Projects under this division
Important Events

CEGIS has celebrated its Annual Picnic 2016 on 8 January 2016 at Seagull Resort, Mawna, Gazipur.