The Executive Committee (EC) recommends operational actions of CEGIS based on issues and places before the Board of Trustees for approval.

Executive Committee (EC) of CEGIS

The Executive Committee (EC) is a four-member body headed by the Hon'ble Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, GoB. The other members are:

  • Trustees elected by the BoT - Treasurer
  • Trustees nominated by the BoT - Member
  • Executive Director, CEGIS - Member Secretary


Engr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
Director General (DG)

The Director General (DG), BWDB, has been given the responsibility of treasurer of CEGIS. In EC meetings he discusses the financial matters of CEGIS that he looks after at macro level in addition to other issues.


Dr. Md. Abdul Matin
Professor, Department of Water Resources Engineering, BUET

Dr. Md. Abdul Matin, Professor, Department of Water Resources Engineering, BUET is a member the Committee and plays a decision-making role in EC meetings.

Member Secretary

Engr. Md Waji Ullah
Executive Director, CEGIS

The Executive Director (ED) of CEGIS acts as the Member Secretary of the EC. He raises issues for discussion at the meetings and plays an active role in executing the directions of the BoT.