Land Acquisition Planning and Resettlement Action Planning Training


A three day long training program on “Land Acquisition Planning (LAP) and Resettlement Action Planning (RAP)” was organized by CEGIS at CEGIS Conference Room from 24th to 26thAugust 2019. Nineteen participants from different government and non-government organizations attended the training program. The training program was designed with both lectures and hands-on practical sessions by expert resource personnel from different organizations including CEGIS, National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank, and Bangladesh Bridge Authority BBA. The participants learned about LAP and RAP through hands-on experiences leading classes. The resource persons delivered the lectures through power point presentations in an interactive manner, each of which had a designated time for questions and answers sessions. The main objective of this training was to enhance the knowledge and the capacity of the officials serving in different organizations of the country in land acquisition processes and resettlement processes for different development projects. The responses from the participants were encouraging as they suggested ways to improve such trainings in future. Overall the three day long training program can be labelled as a successful program.