Curtesy Visit of the Honb'le Minister of State Mr. Zaheed Farooque, MP to CEGIS


The Honb'le Minister of State Mr. Zaheed Farooque, MP of the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh paid his curtesy visit to CEGIS on 2 September 2020, to know about the activities and its service arena. Due to the pandemic of COVID19, the conference was held in the conference room maintaining health and safety norms and also in the zoom platform. At least 300 participants attended the conference through these two platforms.
The Executive Director Mr. Malik Fida A. Khan and other Directors of CEGIS – a public trust under the Ministry of Water Resources were also present and warmly welcomed the Minister of State.
The Executive Director initiated his speech with the vision of CEGIS that, “The overarching aspiration of CEGIS is to continue as a center of excellence in providing intellectual services, policy advocacy, research & capacity development for sustainable development and enabling better environment”, where its motto is “Safeguarding Environment for Future”. He revealed some landmark outputs of few mentionable studies conducted by CEGIS in both home and abroad. He also narrated as how CEGIS is providing service intellectually with its multidisciplinary team and highly skilled professionals in different sectors.   
To illustrate the strength and capacity of CEGIS, the Executive Director mentioned some recently completed and ongoing studies, namely Water Logging Mitigation in cities, Storm Surge Model of the Bay of Bengal, Environmental Impact Assessment of mega projects, Dredging Monitoring of Navigation Routes, Erosion Prediction Analysis, Tidal River Management, and Morphology of River and Estuary using cross-cutting technologies such as Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services.
The Honb'le Minister highly appreciated the intellectual services of CEGIS - a center of excellence and assured to work together in the future which are related to water and environment sectors. He also complimented in the Comment Book with inspirational words. Finally, the conference ended through presenting a CEGIS Crest to the Honb'le Minister.