Courtesy Visit of Honorable Chairperson of the Board of Trustees to CEGIS


Mr. Kabir Bin Anwar the honorable Chairperson, CEGIS-BoT and Senior Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of Bangladesh made a courtesy visit to the CEGIS office on 1 February 2021. The chairperson was warmly greeted by the Executive Director Mr. Malik Fida A Khan along with the top management. Considering the pandemic situation, a short meeting was arranged in the conference room maintaining health and safety protection. The Executive Director initiated his speech with the vision of CEGIS and the intellectual services it provides in both national and international levels. He briefly pointed out some of the flagship studies conducted by CEGIS which are playing important roles at national level. In addition, the Executive Director also raised the initiatives which are taken to build up the capacity of the professionals through training, coaching, and higher studies. The honorable chairperson, CEGIS-BoT appreciated CEGIS involvements in different studies and offered a lots of inspirations. He acknowledged the efforts which CEGIS is putting forth in contributing to the overall sustainable management of natural resources. Mr. Anwar directed to ensure the sustainable improvement of aquatic environment by preserving water in the water-bodies during dry seasons. He mentioned to develop the cutting edge techniques for polder management. He also instructed to identify some best spots to check sediments for better sediment management of our mighty rivers.    The honorable chairperson assured about his full support and considerations to CEGIS in conducting studies or to any other operational issues. In conclusion, he complimented few inspirational words in the Comment Book. Finally, the conference ended through presenting a CEGIS Crest to the Honb'le Senior Secretary, MoWR and the Chairperson of CEGIS-BoT.