Sustainable End-to-End Climate and Flood Forecast Application

In order to improve upon the flood forecasting in Bangladesh, a project “Climate Forecast Application in Bangladesh (CFAB-I)” was conducted during 2000-2003. Under the project, three forecast schemes were tested: long term (1-6 months), medium term (20-25 days) and short-term (1-6 days). To further strengthen the efforts under CFAB-I, a second phase (CFAB II) titled “Flood Forecast Technology for Disaster Preparedness in Bangladesh” was implemented during 2006-2009 through CARE-Bangladesh under the Strengthening Household Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities (SHOUHARDO) program. CEGIS was assigned to apply climate and flood forecast at selected pilot regions (five unions of CARE - SHOUHARDO regions) in Bangladesh. The major tasks of CEGIS included baseline & vulnerability assessment and flood forecast dissemination & assessment of forecast applicability in pilot areas

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