CEGIS Publications

In course of project activities and researches CEGIS has been preparing many reports and documents over the periods:

Atlas and Archives

AB-EGS-07An atlas of selected maps and spatial data in Bangladesh, June 1996MonographCEGISCEGIS
AB-EGS-08Archive of GIS databases and projects, vol. 5, April 1997MonographCEGISCEGIS
AB-F16-05Annotated bibliography on environment, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
AB-F16-06Vegetation ecology of the Sunderbans: annotated bibliography, April 1995.MonographFAP 16CEGIS
AB-F19-01Archive of GIS database and projects, volume I: archive summary, archive documents, projects 1-4, March 1994.MonographFAP 19CEGIS
AB-F19-02Archive of GIS database and projects, volume II: archive documents, projects 5-7, March 1994MonographFAP 19CEGIS
AB-F19-03Archive of GIS database and projects, volume III: archive documents, projects 8-10, archive tape descriptions, archive diskette series description, March 1994MonographFAP 19CEGIS
AB-F19-04Archive of GIS database and projects, volume IV: archive documents, projects 11-14, archive tape descriptions, archive diskette series description, June 1995MonographFAP 19CEGIS
AB-F19-09Annotated bibliography of documents produced by ISPAN/FAP 19 during 1991-1995, August 1995MonographFAP 19CEGIS

Manual and Guidelines

MG-EGS-05EIA reviewer’s workshop trainer’s manual (draft), February 1997.MonographCEGISCEGIS
MG-EGS-06Introduction to Desktop GIS ArcView, August 2000.MonographCEGISCEGIS
MG-F14-02Flood response and guidelines on planning flood proofing, January 1993MonographFAP 14 FAP 23CEGIS
MG-F16-01Guidelines for environmental impact assessment (EIA), October 1992MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MG-F16-04Manual for environmental impact assessment (EIA), April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MG-F19-03Introduction to GIS and remote sensing in EIA: training manual, August 1993.MonographFAP 19CEGIS
MT-F16-01EIA skill training trainer’s manual, vol. 1: training procedure, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MT-F16-02EIA skill training trainer’s manual, vol. 2: supplement handouts, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MT-F16-03EIA skills workshop I report, September 1994MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MT-F16-04EIA skills workshop II report, November 1994MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MT-F16-05EIA skills workshop III report, January 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MT-F16-06EIA skills workshop IV report, March 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MT-F16-07EIA skills workshop final report, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MT-F16-08Report on ISPAN’s workshop for training of trainers of EIA methodologies, June 1994MonographFAP 16CEGIS
MT-F19-08Report on GIS training, March 16-30, 1995MonographFAP 19CEGIS


TR-EGS-011996 Summary of GIS resources in Bangladesh, April 1996MonographCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-02Spatial representation and analysis of hydraulic and morphological data, June 1996MonographCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-03Assignment summary report on GPS and mapping, May 1996.MonographCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-04Morphological dynamics of the Brahmaputra-Jamuna river, February 1997. Published reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-05Floodplain fish habitat study, February 1997Published reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-06Regional environmental profile: Bangshi-Dhaleswari-Kaliganga region, February 1997Published reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-07Mapping and monitoring floods with RADARSAT images, February 1997Published reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-08Hatchling migration study, November 1997MonographCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-09Spatial information system for arsenic mitigation program, April 1998Published reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-10Environmental impact assessment of BWDB System Rehabilitation Project, June 1998Published reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-11Environmental and social impact assessment of KJDRPPublished reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-12Microwave remote sensing applications for flood monitoring, June 1999Published reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-13Pilot study on tubewell location and survey tools for the Arsenic Emergency ProgramPublished reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-14Planning and management of water resources: lessons from two decades of EIP, Bangladesh, October 1999BookCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-15Research and DevelopmentPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-16Geo-spatial Tools for Analysis of Floodplain ResourcesPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-17Environmental baseline of Gorai River Restoration ProjectPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-18EIA of Gorai River Restoration ProjectPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-19Remote Sensing Techniques for Fish pond InventoryPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-20Application of Remote Sensing for Assessing Changes in Intertidal Areas, Erosion and AccretionPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-21Information for Flood Management in Bangladesh. Volume 1: Main ReportPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-22Riverine CharsPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-23Environmental and social impact assessment of Gorai River Restoration Project. Volume 1: main report. Volume 2: annexesPublished reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-24Contract research project on application of agroecological zones database in drought management and water availability assessmentPublished reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-25Environmental and social management plan for KJDRP (Excluding Hari river system)Published reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-26Evaluation of Cyclone Shelter Management Information in BangladeshPublished reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-EGS-27Water Quality Approach: Draft Final ReportPublished reportCEGISCEGIS
TR-F14-01Upazila survey, June 1991MonographFAP 14CEGIS
TR-F14-02Pilot survey report, December 1992MonographFAP 14CEGIS
TR-F14-03Evaluation report, December 1992MonographFAP 14CEGIS
TR-F16-01EIA case study: Surma-Kushiara Project, June 1992MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-02Effect of flood protection on the fertility of soils at the Chadpur Irrigation Project, July 1992MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-03Impacts of flood control and drainage on vector-borne disease incidence in Bangladesh, December. 1992.MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-04The demographic, health and nutritional impact of the Meghna-Dhonagodha Embankment, December 1992MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-05A need assessment for a national wetland inventory in Bangladesh, September 1992MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-06Nutritional consequences of bio-diversity of fisheries- pilot study, July 1992.MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-07EIA case study: Compartmentalization Pilot Project, December 1992.MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F16-08EIA case study: Bhelumia- Bheduria Project, November 1994MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F16-09Charland study briefing document, November 1994MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F16-10The kala azar epidemic in Bangladesh and its relationship to flood control embankments, April 1995.MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-11Potential impacts of flood control on the biological diversity and nutritional value of subsistence fisheries in Bangladesh, April 1995.MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-12Environmental study of the Chenchuri beel area, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-13Upper Jamuna (Brahmaputra) charland socio-economic RRA, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-14Middle Jamuna charland socio-economic RRA, April 1995.MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-15Upper Meghna charland socio-economic RRA, April 1995.MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-16Padma charland socio-economic RRA, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-17Meghna confluence charland socio-economic RRA, April 1995.MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-18Ganges charland socio-economic RRA, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-19Charland socio-economic summary report, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-20Charland flood proofing study, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS
TR-F16-21A study of sedimentation in the Brahmaputra-Jamuna floodplain, June 1995.MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F16-22The dynamic physical and human environment of riverine charlands: MEGHNA, April 1995MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F16-23The dynamic physical and human environment of riverine charlands: PADMA, April 1995MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F16-24The dynamic physical and human environment of riverine charlands: GANGES, April 1995MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F16-25The dynamic physical and human environment of riverine charlands: Brahmaputra-Jamuna, April 1995MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F16-26Charland summary report, April 1995MonographFAP 16 FAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-01GIS resources in Bangladesh, June 1991MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-02Classification of flood depth and extent using Mike 11 and GIS, February 1993MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-03Comparison of elevation data from BWDB and FINMAP, January 1993MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-04GIS mapping of BWDB flood forecasting data, April 1994.MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-05Spatial analysis with digital bathymetry data, August 1995.MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-06GIS technology for disaster management: a pilot study, May 1995MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-07Satellite-based radar for flood monitoring in Bangladesh, June 1995MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-08National DEM: a 500 meter resolution land surface model of Bangladesh, May 1995MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TR-F19-09Bangladesh national level GIS database, May 1995MonographFAP 19CEGIS

Seminar papers and Articles

MP-EGS-06Protocol & study design of floodplain fisheries habitat information system, March 1996MonographCEGISCEGIS230
MP-EGS-07CEGIS II support to WARPO and establishment of an environmental cell and GIS and data analysis unit in WARPO for water sector planning: a concept paper, January 1997.MonographCEGISCEGIS230
MP-F16-01Environment position paper, October 1991MonographFAP 16CEGIS230
MP-F16-02An outline of policies and lCEGISlation related to environment in Bangladesh, September 1993MonographFAP 16CEGIS230
MP-F16-04Institutionalizing the EIA process for water sector projects: a discussion paper, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS230
MP-F16-05Seminar series on environment, April 1995MonographFAP 16CEGIS230
MP-F19-03GIS institutional issues, July 1993MonographFAP 19CEGIS230
SA-EGS-01Defining the banklines of Brahmaputra-Jamuna River using satellite imagery, November 1997PublishedCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-02RADARSAT Data for monitoring flood conditions in Bangladesh- an assessment of early results, May 1997PublishedCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-03Flood monitoring study in the Jamuna and Ganges Floodplain in Bangladesh using ERS-1, May 1997PublishedCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-04Dynamics of monsoonal flooding in Bangladesh using RADARSAT imagery, October 1998PublishedCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-05Potential of satellite-based SAR for land and water resource applications in Bangladesh, October 1998Published in proceedingsCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-06Importance of flood-plain sedimentation for river sediment budgets and terrigenous input to the oceans: insights from the Brahmaputra-Jamuna River, February 1998Published in Geology, 1998, 26(2)CEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-07Using GIS tools & rapid assessment techniques for determining salt intrusionWaiting for publicationCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-08From project to organizationPublishedL&WCEGIS230
SA-EGS-11Island topography mapping for the Brahmaputra-Jamuna river using RS & GISPublishedCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-12CEGIS activities to map and monitor the flood of 1998 using RS/GIS tools, June 1999Workshop paperCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-13Environmental and social impact assessment of the KJDRPArticleCEGISCEGIS230
SA-EGS-14Water and food security: perspectives from BangladeshArticleEGSCEGIS230
SA-EGS-15Report on workshop on char developmentArticleEGSCEGIS230
SA-F19-10Mapping flood extent and depth using Geographic Information SystemPublishedFAP 19CEGIS230

Technical Note

TN-CGS-01National methodology for drought vulnerability assessmentPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-CGS-02Concept paper on Groundwater ModulePublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-CGS-03Application of High Resolution Satellite Images for Urban MappingPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-CGS-04Development of Mauza Database PublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-CGS-05Mapping Landuse of Meghna-Dhonagoda and surrounding Areas PublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-CGS-06Ganges River: Morphological Evolution and PredictionPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-10Datun and map projections for GIS & DPS applications in Bangladesh (Technical Note 10), May 1996.MonographCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-11River resources database (Technical Note 11), September 1996MonographCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-12A semi-detailed water body database for Bangladesh (Technical Note 12), February 1997MonographCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-13Mosaic of TM images of Bangladesh, April 1999PublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-14Mapping the 1998 floodsPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-15Blue accountingPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-16DGPS System Calibration ReportPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-17STREAM: Development of Flood ModulePublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-18Blue Accounting: comparing WRSs in Bangladesh and the NetherlandsPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-19Integrated Environmental Management: A case study on Shrimp-paddy Land Use Strategies in the Southwest of BangladeshPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-20Decision Support SystemsPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-21Application of ERS-2 Images in Monitoring Water and Land UsesPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-22STREAM: An instrument for River Basin Environment Analysis and ManagementPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-23Flood 2000: Pilot Study for Regular Flood MonitoringPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-24National Fisheries Database: Pilot PhaseMonographCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-25EGS028 GCP DatabankPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-26EGIS Metadata: a Pilot Study to Set Guidelines for CEGIS Metadata.PublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-27Sundarbans Fisheries DatabasePublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-28Crop Water Demand & Yield Reduction ModelPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-29Developing and updating empirical method for predicting morphological changes in the Jamuna RiverPublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-30Flood and Erosion Monitoring: Monsoon 2001PublishedCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-31Application of high resolution satellite images for urban mappingMonographCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-32Concept paper on Groundwater Module (an acitivity of the Computational Framework)MonographCEGISCEGIS
TN-EGS-33Blue Accounting: Tentative AssessmentMonographCEGISCEGIS
TN-F19-01Bangladesh Transverse Mercator Projection, (Technical Note 1), May 1993MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TN-F19-02North central region digital elevation data, (Technical Note–2), August 1993.MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TN-F19-03Area elevation curves for BWDB Southwest Regional Projects, (Technical Note 3), February 1993.MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TN-F19-04GIS atlas for Tangail area study (Technical Note 4), November 1992.MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TN-F19-05GIS installation summary (Technical Note 5), October 1994MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TN-F19-06Tangail area digital elevation model (Technical Note 6), August 1993.MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TN-F19-07Bangladesh national digital elevation model (Technical Note 7), August 1993MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TN-F19-08National database for Bangladesh (Technical Note 8), August 1993MonographFAP 19CEGIS
TN-F19-09A semi-detailed river database for Bangladesh: (Technical Note 9), March 1995MonographFAP 19CEGIS
Important Events

CEGIS has celebrated its Annual Picnic 2016 on 8 January 2016 at Seagull Resort, Mawna, Gazipur.