Preparation of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100

Bangladesh, like other delta countries, has to deal with the growing threats of sea level rise, salinity intrusion, flooding, limited food  production, rapid urbanization and population growth. For achieving long term sustainable development, the Government of Bangladesh
has initiated the formulation of a Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP 2100) with support from the Government of the Netherlands. Consequently from 2014, a consortium of Bangladeshi and Dutch Experts including CEGIS has undertaken the preparation of the BDP in consultation with the Planning Commission of Bangladesh. BDP is a water centric scenario-based strategic long-term plan. The BDP conceives a holistic, integrated vision and no-regret strategies and actions for addressing future challenges of disasters and climate change through adaptive governance and delta management. Moreover, in 2012/2013 Bangladeshi and Dutch partners developed the Touch Table, a participatory and interactive planning tool for the BDP preparation. The BDP was approved by the National Economic Council (NEC) on 4 September 2018.